The Robert Black Foundation offers critical funding for unique, innovative, and forward-looking contemporary art music projects, education, and career development for individuals and other entities. The foundation funds projects in any or all of the following areas:

  • Advancing the artistic legacy of double bassist Robert Black
  • Advancing the artistic legacy of composer James Sellars
  • Significantly involving the double bass
  • Supporting individuals and other entities, especially those in the early stages of their career


  • Individuals of any age (or stage of career), gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, political persuasion
  • Performing/presenting organizations, festivals, ensembles, museums, galleries, archiving bodies, media outlets, educational institutions, publishers, record companies, etc., that demonstrate non-discriminatory policies or practices

Funding (in whole or part):

  • Commissioning and/or creating projects with a significant contemporary art music component.  
  • Facilitating performances, installations, residencies, educational opportunities, fellowships, internships, workshops, travel, or any activity supporting the foundation’s mission.
  • Dissemination of projects through performances, recordings, video, film, print & digital publications; media distribution including all present and future media platforms.
  • Funding may be awarded as grants, commissioning/performing fees, scholarships, gifts, prizes, or in other ways critical to the realization of a specific project.